Business Partner

Mansion Capital works closely with vendors in the following categories:

Mansion Capital has a strong network of preferred vendors and partners that will make any transaction as easy as it gets. From concierge airport limo services, to apartment renovation and restoration services as well as worldwide property marketing and property managing services and much more will be provided. Based on years of experience, Mansion Capital chose a select group of partners in each category that met the high standards and expectations in not only quality, but price and overall experience as well.

Our clients are by no means limited to our preferred vendors list and are welcome to bring their own specialist, though we trust and recommend our partners and will be happy to introduce them to you as well.



Marketing The Property
Gaining the largest, worldwide advertisement exposure possible for rental or for sale properties with professional pictures, customized text descriptions and much more!



7714bf_e85cefd4806e44c383e6b09a955a100eCustomized Floor Plan Design
Creating customized, designer floor plans for your property with your unique investment plan in mind. From combination floor plans of multiple units, to scratches and in detail designs for pre-war townhouses.


Fully gut renovations of entire apartments or houses, to in detail changes in bathrooms, kitchens or floorings and beyond. For buy and hold as well as fix and flip!


Luxury Limo Service
5 star chauffeur limousine service on demand for airport service or property viewings in the city.



Window Treatments And Customized Blinds

Customized shades, blinds and window protection supplies for your needs. From standard sun blinds to custom framed electronic shades. You name it!


Variety Of Moving Companies
Moving and storage companies with years of experience. Nationwide service for all sorts of furniture to grand pianos and beyond.


7714bf_3b3b9b05c38f4aa1bfbf6b74849ab0c4Home Designer
Interior designs, modeling homes and staging apartments. All on your request, with services around the globe.



7714bf_13ba59ef5b074126ad68e18df04dc95fHome Inspectors
Approving of new constructions, renovations or other changes. Our certified home inspectors go beyond the average standard and will make sure you all covered from all angles.


keys to house with home ownership documentsTitle Insurance Companies
Make sure the property you purchase is free and clear on title. The right title company plays a key role in any real estate transaction and make sure your properties title is clean.


7714bf_613b53493acf4a26a7e8afcea8ce5919Variety Of Attorneys
Real estate attorneys, tax attorneys and business attorneys. All have to be in place to make sure you and your investment’s best interest is protected. NY state law is very different than any other and our attorneys specialize in this state.

Variety Of Mortgage Professionals

From private equity lending to an asset value mortgage and a traditional bank loan. Depending on your needs and background, the right mortgage professional turns good deals into great ones.


Variety Of RE Tax Professionals
The NY tax laws are different than others and knowing them inside out will make the difference between success and failure. Our preferred certified accounts and CPAs have years of experience and will make sure are covered beyond your expectations!

Property Management Companies
From ‘in house’ supers, to administration tasks and rent collection to approval of renovations or replacements. Our management companies will guarantee that everything runs smooth, if you are there or not.


Property Assessment And Appraisers
Even without financing your purchase, an in depth appraisal is always recommended. Your real estate broker will cover and start, what the appraiser finishes.


The purchase, sell or renting is done in-house with a worldwide marketing net
With a worldwide net of the most sophisticated marketing tools, your purchase, resale and rental will be some in house with no hassle, stress or work on your end. Working with all major worldwide real estate forums, from the NY Times, to Zillow and Trulia and way beyond, the highest property price for your best interest is guaranteed.