Services We Offer

At Mansion Capital, we take pride in knowing that we offer the most exceptional and comprehensive real estate services to our customers. As an uprising company, we constantly challenge ourselves to be the trendsetter in the real estate industry. We always go the extra mile to fulfill client’s needs and we strive to deliver the highest quality customer service by saving clients’ time, effort and money in the ever changing New York City real estate market. Shortly after founding the company, we revolutionized the real estate investment experience by adapting the successful vertical integration models from other industries and astutely linked each element of the real estate investment cycle together. From assessing client’s financial targets and risk appetite, to performing detailed financial analysis, to buying, renting and managing, we have a professional team to guide you every step of the way.

Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Preliminary Assessment
    When you first contact us to express your interest in investing in the New York City real estate market, we would like to learn a thing or two about you. We would like to understand things such as your expectations for the investment, your risk appetite, your long-term plan with the property and your capability of managing your own investment property on a regular basis. We would also like to understand if you have any personal preferences or would like to add any personal touches to your investment property at this time. Elements from the property neighborhood, number of rentable units to open or closed kitchen, we would like to get your input.

    • Preliminary investment assessmen
    • Self-introduction between the client and Mansion Capital
    • Initial meeting
  2. Get your customized Mansion Capital Investment Report ©
    After we perform the preliminary assessment based on your financial goals and personal input, we will present you a list of investment properties that is uniquely selected for you. Depending on your schedule and location, we may also invite you to private showings or virtual tours so that you can get the first-hand experience with the property. With your additional feedback, we will further narrow down the investment choices.We will then deliver to you the trademark product of our company – the Mansion Capital Investment Report, a customized report that contains all the information you need to know about your investment property as well as other information, such as market trends, real estate tax benefits and investment immigration regulations relating to your specific case. The financial analysis portion of the report offers accurate and conservative estimates on your rental income and operating expenses, with negative cash flow items such as vacancy loss and maintenance factored in, our report provides you with an objective and unbiased overview of your real estate investment. This report will serve as the cornerstone of your investment decision. Please clickto request a sample Mansion Capital Investment Report.

    • Investment property search and screening
    • Private showings and/or virtual tours
    • Mansion Capital Investment Report
  3. Property Purchase
    Once we identify the ideal investment property for you, we will then proceed to the buying stage of the transaction. We can assist you to negotiate the best deal, contact the largest globally, national and local banks for mortgage service and executive the closing seamlessly. Our brokerage team served many clients in New York City and we will complete the deal in the most efficient and professional manner. Click here to see what some of our satisfied clients have said about us!a. Offer submission
    b. Counter offer submission
    c. Price negotiation
    d. Mortgage application
    e. Inspection and title search arrangements
    f. Closing
  4. Renovation
    We have a number of recommended renovation and remodeling contractors that we work closely with to transform your investment property from inside out. Proper renovation can not only increase the quality, functionality and energy efficiency of your investment property, but also increase the rental rates and resale price of the property. As an elite real estate service firm, we only partner up with reputable contractors who we share the same goal – to deliver the best possible experience for the clients.a. Renovation and remodeling contractor recommendation
  5. Property Rental
    As part of our holistic real estate investment service, our brokerage team possesses extensive knowledge in the New York City marketplace and utilizes their broad customer base to rent out your property in a timely manner. We also implement strict screening process through conducting thorough background screening and income-to-rent ratio check to select the financially qualified tenants. We create value for our clients through maximizing rental income while minimizing vacancy rate and operating expenses, and all this is done at no costs to our customer.a. No-fee rental service
    b. Tenant screening
    c. Rent collection
    d. Handling security deposits
  6. Property Management
    We have a number of recommended property management firms that we work closely with to maintain your property in the most pristine form. A comprehensive and responsive property management can not only improve tenant retention and property value, but also reduce maintenance cost and the risk of lawsuits. As an elite real estate investment firm, we only recommend trustworthy property management firms who we share the same goal – to deliver the best possible experience for the clients.
  7. Property Resale
    When you decide it is time to sell your investment property, we will be there to help as well. Our brokerage team possesses extensive knowledge in the New York City marketplace and utilizes their far-reaching network to sell your property at the best price possible. We can assist you to find the right buyer, inspect buyer’s credibility, negotiate the best deal, securely handle important documentations and executive the closing seamlessly. Our brokerage team served many clients in New York City and we will complete the deal in the most efficient and professional manner.a. Marketing and advertisement
    b. Hosting open house and private showings
    c. Presenting all offers and counteroffers
    d. Price negotiation
    e. Closing



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